A Perspective on African American Studies

The African American Studies (AAS) program at MSU is an interdisciplinary enterprise that brings students and faculty together on a pursuit of knowledge across the following academic departments at the University: Anthropology, Education, English, History, Music, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, and Sociology. Our minor curriculum is comprised of subject matter from the fine arts, humanities to social sciences giving students the unique opportunity to create their own study track centered around their interests.

 The AAS program is comprised of both core and affiliated faculty from departments across the University. Core faculty have joint appointments with AAS and their home departments. These professors conduct research and teach courses related to both. Affiliated faculty in other academic departments contribute to the program often by teaching courses that are cross listed with AAS. Students enrolling in our classes or minoring in AAS can gain a variety of insights from professors across the University. The African American Studies Minor Program equips students with salient content and critical tools for academic and professional growth.

The AAS minor embodies the spirit of diversity at Mississippi State University. The program is evidence of the University’s commitment to pursuing knowledge and research that promote diversity.