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Academic Programs

Carter G. Woodson

African American Studies is an interdisciplinary program offering students a wide-range of opportunities to study the history, literature, politics, and other aspects of black life and culture. While it is housed in the College of Arts & Sciences, its faculty and students cross all disciplines at the university. It offers courses leading to an Undergraduate Minor in African American Studies. These courses include the Introduction to African American Studies, which is open to all students.

Our Graduate Programs include the Online Diversity Certificate Program that is offered to students who enroll for the diversity certificate only, and is not available to other students. We provide a variety of opportunities for graduate students to develop a concentration in African American Studies. Each of our graduate students is assigned a faculty mentor. Students who successfully complete a combination of course work, teaching assignments, and community engagement will earn a certificate of completion from African American Studies as-well-as a letter of recognition from the director of the program.

Whether graduate or undergraduate all of our courses offer students the opportunity to explore the history and culture of African descended people all across the globe. Students will gain knowledge and develop skills and sensitivities to help them function effectively in today's global world.

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