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Special Guests

Remembering Freedom Summer: Building a Better Future

October 19-21, 2014

Chude Allen - Freedom Summer Volunteer - "Changing Mississippi, Changing Ourselves"

John H. Bracey, Jr. - University of Massachusetts - "Freedom Summer: Mississippi Again a Major Factor in United States History"

Ron Carver - Freedom Summer Volunteer - Discussant

Dr. Kristal Moore Clemons - Florida A&M University - "Give Light and People Will Find the Way" Black Women Activist Educators from the 1964 Mississippi Freedom Schools to the Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools

Attorney Wilbur Colom - Colom Law Firm - Discussant and Freedom Summer Student

Roy DeBerry - Freedom Summer Student - Discussant

Dave Dennis - Co-Director - The Mississippi Summer Project

Dr. Doris Derby - SNCC Field Staff, Educator, Documentary Photographer, Co-Founder, Free Southern Theater (FST) - Discussant

Susan Follett - Author - The Role of Historical Fiction in Civil Rights Education and Conversations on Race

Dr. Jon N. Hale - College of Charleston - "Learning to Protest: The Freedom School Experience and Youth Activism During the Civil Rights Movement"

Dr. Francoise Hamlin - Brown University - "Undercover for the Movement: The Story of Stan Boyd"

Dr. Anthony J. Harris - Freedom Summer Student - Discussant

Matt Herron - Freedom Summer Photographer - "Freedom Summer Through Mississippi Eyes"

Roscoe Jones - Freedom School Student - Discussant

Mark Levy - Freedom Summer Volunteer - "What Did You Learn In School Today?"

Dr. Mark McPhail - University of Wisconsin, Whitewater - "Killing Freedom: License as Adaptive Racism in the Post-Civil Rights Era."

Dr. Bill Scaggs - Community College President (retired) - "The Meridian Freedom Project"

Dr. Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons - University of Florida - "Unsung Heroes: Role of Women Leaders in the Mississippi Freedom Struggle"

Dr. William Sturkey - University of North Carolina - "The Freedom Press: The Unique Spatial Considerations of Freedom School Newspapers During the 1964 Mississippi Freedom Summer"

Hollis Watkins - Founder and President of Southern Echo, Inc. - Discussant

Dr. Michael Williams - Tougaloo College - "One Long Hot Summer in ‘64: Mississippi as the Focal Point of Black Resistance to Second-Class Status"

Flonzie Brown Wright - Best-selling Author, Civil Rights Trail Blazer and native of rural Farmhaven, Mississippi - Discussant

Larry Rubin - Freedom Sumner Volunteer - Discussant

Gloria Clark - Freedom Summer Volunteer - Discussant